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Friday, April 29, 2011

A few days later

It has been an interesting week. My blog throw up on my last post is an example. However, throwing up can be good sometimes when your body needs to expel a poison.

My week has been filled with Victor and all that entails. Most of it has been in figuring out where to go from here. How to attract guys that are good for me.

I've noticed that there are many men I find mutual attraction with that want a caregiver and someone to take charge. Victor was a tough case, he wasn't always the best friend or most concerned, but he was there. He was support I had nowhere else. He was also someone who wanted support. And, he is one who obviously took advantage and went too far.

I am generally a strong willed man who likes to take charge. Having someone fall in line is "comfortable" for me, but it gets exhausting towing the line. I think I may keep in mind to have the next guy be my equal in taking charge and being strong willed. Should be interesting to see how that dynamic works. More on Mr Perfect (I know, in reality it will only me Mr Almost Perfect) later.

One more song at the end of Victor week. One that speaks for itself. I know he thinks of me. He missed out on an amazing opportunity.

Take it away Keith

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